The Properties box displays the properties of the selected Transform or port. By default, it is displayed at right of the MxTransIt window. If the box is not visible, press F4 or select View->Properties from the main menu. Click on the Properties tab at the bottom of the box, if necessary.

Transform Properties

Click on a Transform to select it and display its properties. You can modify a property if its value is in boldface.


Click on an arrowhead to display more properties:






Some Transforms have blue links called Verbs at the bottom of the box. Click on the Verb to modify the Transform or its associated project.



Port Properties

Normally, the Properties tab displays Transform properties. To view port properties, click on the port to select it. It is important that the mouse be over the port, not just the Transform. When the mouse is positioned properly, the port name is displayed in a bubble as shown here:


For more information, see Editing Ports.

Additional Properties

Some properties have an associated dialog box you can use to view or edit more properties. This is indicated by the 3-dots button (3dots_button) when you select the property. Click the 3dots_button to display the dialog box.


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