The MxSuite™ is qualified to work with the following environments/tools:

PC Operating System Platforms

Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)

Windows 10

C/C++ IDEs for MxVMC Builds

The following versions of Visual Studio (including Express and Community editions) are supported for building MxVMCs:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017

Microsoft Visual C++ 2019

Express editions are currently free and available to download from

MxSuite 3.41 is built against .NET 4.8, which is provided with the MxSuite installer.

C# IDEs for Building Custom Transforms

hmtoggle_plus1MxSuite 3.38
hmtoggle_plus1MxSuite 3.40 and higher
hmtoggle_plus1MxSuite 3.41 and higher

MATLAB and Simulink

MxSuite supports the following versions:

Matlab/Simulink R2019b (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2019a (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2018b (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2018a (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2017b (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2017a (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2016b (x64)

Note: Matlab does not support versions earlier than R2016b.

Matlab/Simulink R2016a (x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2015b (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2015a (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2014b (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2014a (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2013b (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2013a (x86/x64)

Matlab/Simulink R2012b (x86/x64)

For more information, see Simulink Versions and Troubleshooting Simulink Projects.


The MOST Connector Transform supports the following versions of the K2L Automotive Test System:





NI LabVIEW 2012 and later

Test Data Import/Export

Import from Statemate generated test cases

Import CSV and Vector traces

Export to Microsoft Office Excel 2003

CSV, A2L and CANdb Signal Dictionary import

Requirements Traceability

Telelogic DOORs Client version:

Continuous Integration Servers

The MxSuite integrates seamlessly into your test automation infrastructure. With comprehensive Command Line and COM interfaces, informative logging, plain English error messages to the user interface when present and to StdOut otherwise, and the ability to run 'headless' under a windows service, the MxSuite serves well under Continuous Integration Servers such as Jenkins, Cruise Control, and others.

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