Rational Quality Manager Adapter

1.0 Introduction

The Danlaw Rational Quality Manager Adapter provides an interface between the MxSuite and Rational Quality Manager, the Quality Management Tool from IBM Rational. The download package comes with 2 components: “MxExtension” which is to be installed in the server computer where Rational Quality Manager is installed and “MxAdapter” which must be installed in ALL the computers where the Adapter is used.

The adapter supports “Server Rename” capability. Click here for details.

hmtoggle_plus12.0 Installation of IBM Rational Quality Manger / Collaborative Lifecycle Management
hmtoggle_plus13.0 Setup/Configuration
hmtoggle_plus14.0 Installation of Mx-Extension
hmtoggle_plus15.0 Installation of the Mx-Adapter
hmtoggle_plus16.0 Using the Danlaw MxSuite Adapter in Rational Quality Manager