The RS-232 COM Port Transform reads and writes serial data to a COM port on your PC.




Set the Baud Rate and other properties listed under RS-232>Port Properties to correspond to the connected hardware.

Selected Port - Select the port to which your RS-232 cable is connected.

Character or String - Enter the termination character in hexadecimal digits or string of characters separated by commas. For example: 0D, 0A

Enable - True is the recommended setting for this property. If enabled, the Transform transmits the data read from the hardware port when the termination string is received. If disabled (False), the data is transmitted at each tick period.

Timeout - When String Termination is enabled, data read from the hardware port is transmitted the termination string is received or after the timeout period, whichever is first.

Tick Period - This property determines how often the Transform is ticked. At each tick, the Transform reads the data on the hardware port.

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