A Scenario is used to establish a set of TestCases and specify the sequence the TestCases execute. When a TestCase is added to a Scenario, it is called a Job.

Use a Scenario to define an execution sequence for Jobs.  A Job has a reference to the TestCase to execute, and a couple of execution options.  In the simpler cases, the Jobs are executed in sequence until the final Job is complete.  You can also configure a Scenario to execute Jobs in parallel (concurrently).  This is useful for creating stressful conditions by running independent tests in parallel.

Creating a Scenario

From the main menu, select File‑>New‑>Scenario.  Alternatively, in the Project Explorer, right-click on the Scenario folder, and click New Scenario.  Provide a meaningful name for the Scenario when prompted. From this point, follow the instructions for editing a Scenario below.

Editing Scenarios


The Scenario editor has four tabs. Each of these tabs is described below.

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