Importing Signals and Constants

Signal Dictionary data can be imported into the MxVDev Signal Dictionary from multiple sources:

From a CSV file is described below

From a CAN/LIN database when setting up Virtual Bus

From an ASAP database (.a2l database file) when setting up XCP/CCP

From MxTransIt by the Connecting Signals dialog

Importing a CSV File

MxVDev supports creating or updating Signals and Constants in the Signal Dictionary from a CSV file. Select File‑>Import‑>Dictionary Data from the main menu, and complete the following fields:

Data File Format: Select Signals (CSV)

Select a CSV format data file: Click the 3dots_button button to select the file to import. (The file should  have a .csv extension.)



Comments must be on separate lines starting with a semicolon (;).

Click Show Sample to view "CSV To DataDictionary Example.csv" in the "Templates\CSV Import Examples" subfolder of the MxSuite installation folder. This file details the required format for successfully importing to the Signal Dictionary.

The column headings are required and should not be changed.

Microsoft Excel may add unwanted quote marks and is not recommended for editing the CSV file.

If there is a Signal in the Signal Dictionary with the same name as a Signal in the CSV file, the imported Signal overwrites the existing Signal.

To import message fields into the Signal Dictionary, you must import the parent message (Container) in the same CSV file. See sig2, field1, and field2 in the sample file.

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