The SIL-MIL sample project shows how SIL (VMC) and MIL (Simulink) SUTs can be tested simultaneously.

Click here to download the project:

Applies to:

MxSuite 3.42 or later

Other Requirements:

A supported version of Visual Studio is required to compile or modify the SUT (MxVMC) code.

A licensed and supported version of Matlab Simulink is required to run this project.

The user should have an understanding of MxSuite Scenarios, TestCases, and Transforms.



The SIL is contained in the SILSubSystem Transform and the MIL is contained in the MILSubSystem Transform. Both subsystems use the same inputs, which are routed through a PassThru Transform.

To see the details of each subsystem, double-click on the Transform to open a new tab in MxTransit.


To run the demo:

1.Download the sample to the MxSuiteSample folder.

2.Extract the folder.

3.Select File->Open->Project, then browse to the MxSuiteSamples folder.

4.Select the SIL-MIL-Demo folder and open the Cruise.mxp project.
When the project opens, the LetsRide Scenario and UpHillDownDale TestCase are open.

5.Click Run_btn to run the Scenario.

In the TestCase you can compare the results of mph and MILmph. The results from the SIL Subsystem (mph) should be the same as the results from the MIL Subsystem (MILmph).



To compare other Signals, you can add Signals to the TestCase.

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