There are 7 projects included in the Simulink samples:

ArraySample and ArraySample2 - These projects demonstrate interchanging array (vector) data between MxVDev and Simulink.  Simple test cases and a trivial model are included to demonstrate using input and output Signals that are defined as arrays. See S-Function Connector to Simulink.

Multi S-Function - This project provides an example of two connected-models in one Harness.

Multi Rate - This project provides an example of a multirate model.

Replace Block - This project provides an example of two models attached using the Replace method.

S-Function Workspace Command - This project provides an example using the MxV Matlab Workspace command port.

Test Data Store - This project tests a Simulink Data Store.

These projects have been deprecated:

S-Function, Bus Sample

hmtoggle_plus1 ArraySample 1
hmtoggle_plus1 ArraySample 2
hmtoggle_plus1Bus Sample
hmtoggle_plus1Multi S-Function
hmtoggle_plus1Multi Rate
hmtoggle_plus1Replace Block Sample
hmtoggle_plus1S-Function Workspace Command
hmtoggle_plus1Test Data Store


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