A Subsystem is a container Transform that contains other Transforms. This can be used to simplify large Harnesses and to share subsystems between projects, users, and PCs. By dividing a complex harness into subsystems, multiple users can work on it at the same time. The subsystems can be merged into a single Harness by Loading the Subsystems from a file.

hmtoggle_plus1Creating a new Subsystem
hmtoggle_plus1Creating a Subsystem from Existing Transforms
hmtoggle_plus1Exporting a Subsystem to a File
hmtoggle_plus1Referencing an External Subsystem
hmtoggle_plus1Importing a Subsystem from a File


If you change the contents of the Subsystem (for example, by deleting a port on a contained Transform), you may need to restart MxTransIt to update the ports on the Subsystem Transform.


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