A TestCase has several properties that you can change to control how the test executes.

There are several ways to access TestCase properties:

Click the TestCaseProperties_btn icon in the TestCase toolbar.

Select TestCase‑>Properties from the main menu.

Right-click on the TestCase form and choose the Properties item in the pop-up menu:


The basic properties include:

Name: This is the internal descriptive name of the TestCase, which is displayed in the Scenario. You can use this property to change the internal name. When a TestCase is created, the file name is the internal name plus the .mxc suffix. For ease of use, we recommend the file name and internal name stay the same unless there is a good reason for them to differ. See Renaming a TestCase.

Time Unit: The basic time-units (ns, us, ms, or s) used to specify all times and durations for this TestCase.

The following tabs provide access to the remaining properties for the TestCase:

hmtoggle_plus1Associated Requirements
hmtoggle_plus1Test Execution Control
hmtoggle_plus1Pass/Fail Criteria - Absolute Time Tolerances
hmtoggle_plus1Pass/Fail Criteria - Relative Time Criteria
hmtoggle_plus1Reactive Code


Note: To save the TestCase windows' size and position, select File->Save All from the main menu.

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