A TestCase has several properties that you can change to control how the test executes.

There are several ways to access TestCase properties:

Click the TestCaseProperties_btn icon in the TestCase toolbar.

Select TestCase‑>Properties from the main menu.

Right-click on the TestCase form and choose the Properties item in the pop-up menu:


The basic properties include:

Name: A label associated with this TestCase. You can use this property to change the internal name of the TestCase.

Time Unit: The basic time-units (ns, us, ms, or s) used to specify all times and durations for this TestCase.

The following tabs provide access to the remaining properties for the TestCase:

hmtoggle_plus1Associated Requirements
hmtoggle_plus1Test Execution Control
hmtoggle_plus1Pass/Fail Criteria - Absolute Time Tolerances
hmtoggle_plus1Pass/Fail Criteria - Relative Time Criteria
hmtoggle_plus1Reactive Code


Note: To save the TestCase windows' size and position, select File->Save All from the main menu.

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