To access Session and Usage Level Statistics, start MxServe Monitor by selecting All Programs->MicroMax->MxServe->MxServe Monitor from the Windows Start menu.


MxServe tracks token usage automatically on the server side, without having to run MxServe Monitor in order to track token usage. The Start button is used only with older versions.

Tracking Token Usage

Select a server and click the View Usage Level Stats button to display the dialog below. You can use it to view, filter, and export your current view as a CSV file.



The filters are in three groups: Time, Days, and Data. The filters are applied left to right to the data. Click the Update View button to apply the filters and display the results.

Tracking Session Statistics

This feature is not yet available from the MxServe Monitor, however, you can grab the CSV log from the server at one of the following paths:

Operating System

Location of Log Files

Windows XP/Server 2K3

\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\MicroMax\MxServe\Logs

Vista/Server 2K8 or newer 
(32 bit)


Vista/Server 2K8 or newer 
(64 bit)


The session stats log uses the following pattern: “<SystemName><ListeningPort>LicSessionStats.csv”. Please copy this file to your desktop or other appropriate location before opening it in a CSV reader (such as Excel) to ensure that the program does not lock the file for writing.

hmtoggle_plus1Mx-Serve 2.0.8 and earlier


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