When MxTransIt starts, it checks the following locations for Transforms:

The bin subfolder in the MxSuite installation folder.

The bin\3rdPartyTransforms folder if it exists

The location of the mxform file when you start MxTransIt from MxVDev. (If you use File‑>Open, the Transforms are loaded when the mxform file is opened.) The recommended location for the mxform file is the Transforms folder in the project directory.

Any folders in the MxTransIt Additional File Locations list

If there are any C# code (.cs) files, they are compiled. If there are DLL files, they are loaded. All the Transforms found are listed in the MxTransIt Toolbox.

hmtoggle_plus1Recommended Locations for Custom Transforms
hmtoggle_plus1Additional File Locations List
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