The Transforms box displays a list of the Transforms and ports in the Harness. By default, it is displayed at right of the MxTransIt window. If the box is not visible, select View->Transforms from the main menu. Click on the Transforms tab at the bottom of the box, if necessary.


You can use the Transforms box to connect ports. See Connecting Ports.


Use the filter boxes to select a subset of ports to be displayed.

Ports: Select All, Input, Output, or Exported

Signal Type: Select All, Message, Event, Discrete, Continuous Float, Continuous Fixed, Any, or Image. In this dialog, Message ports are classified as Image if they have a Message Format of Color Image or B/W Image. The Any type is for ports that can be connected to any other type, such the ports on the Delay and PassThru Transforms.

Filter Text: Enter text to search port names and Transform names. The text is space delimited. For example, "auto node" displays all ports and Transforms that include "auto" or "node".