Using the Transition List

The Transition List provides direct access to transition time/value pairs enabling you to edit existing transitions or add/delete new ones.

To access this feature:

1.Select View->Transition List from the MxVDev main menu.

2.Move the mouse over a signal graph to display the signal's transitions in the Transition List.


3.Click on the Signal plot area to lock the Transition List on that Signal until you click on a different Signal or uncheck the Lock Signal box.


Use the tabs at the bottom of the Transition List pane to select Actual Transitions or Specified Transitions for viewing and editing. Click on a tab and drag the box away from the Project Explorer box to view the Actual and Specified Transition Lists side-by-side.


The tabs in the Selected Transition pane at the bottom of the Transition List provide detailed views depending on the Signal type.

Zoom View

Zoom View


Message Detail Pane

Message Detail Pane


Image Detail Pane

Image Detail Pane

hmtoggle_plus1Zoom View
hmtoggle_plus1Locking on a Signal
hmtoggle_plus1ID Column
hmtoggle_plus1Modifying Transitions
hmtoggle_plus1Appending Transitions
hmtoggle_plus1Inserting a Transition
hmtoggle_plus1Deleting Transitions
hmtoggle_plus1Shifting Transitions


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