MxServe™ is a Windows Service that runs on every Token Host computer.  It is the guardian of the Token Pool. The MxSuite uses Windows .NET Remoting over a TCP Channel for inter-process communication between MxSuite applications and MxServe. The default port is 1234. (This can be changed.) If your network environment supports and does not block this protocol, then MxVDev will be able to retrieve tokens from MxServe.

You should only run your primary instance of MxServe at any time.

hmtoggle_plus1Mx-Serve Log Files
hmtoggle_plus1Check that the MxServe Service is Running
hmtoggle_plus1Mx‑Serve Messages (Output Tab)
hmtoggle_plus1Releasing Tokens
hmtoggle_plus1Lost Licenses
hmtoggle_plus1Resetting the License Files
hmtoggle_plus1Command Line Parameters
hmtoggle_plus1Mx-Serve 1.0



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