Use this Transform to capture video or still images using any DirectX compatible USB webcam.


Record Video: When this Discrete port is set to 1 (True), the Transform records video and saves it to the <ScenarioName>.mxout folder. To stop recording, set it to 0.

Capture Image: When an Event transition is received on this port, an image is transmitted from the Output Image port.

Video Recording Active: This outport is set to 1 (True) when video is being recorded.

Output Image: A still image is transmitted from this MxV Image port when a Capture Image event is received. This port may be exported and used in a TestCase.

Image Stream: This MxV Image port continuously transmits the video captured by the camera.

As illustrated below, there is a short delay between the stimulus and response transitions due to system and device delays.


This Transform does not require an NI Vision license.

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