To create a Trigger:

1.Select a DataBlock.

2.Right-click in the Signal Plot Area, then select DataBlock->Properties, or right-click on the red DataBlock bar then select "Properties" from the context menu.


3.Select the Triggers tab.

4.Use the Add, Edit, or Remove buttons to create, change, or delete a Trigger.

5.Enter a name and description of the Trigger. (optional)

6.Set the Trigger Condition and Trigger Action.

7.Click OK.

The trigger is marked in the TestCase with a green arrow:

A trigger in the second DataBlock of a Signal

A trigger in the second DataBlock of a Signal

hmtoggle_plus1Trigger Condition
hmtoggle_plus1Trigger Action
hmtoggle_plus1Example: Relative Time Criterion
hmtoggle_plus1Triggers and System Signals


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