DataBlock Variants enable you to specify alternate patterns for a DataBlock. The Variants can be used on input Signals (alternate stimuli) or output Signals (alternate expected responses). Usually Variants are associated with tags, which are used to select which Variant is active. One Variant is the default, which is active if no tags are active.

To create a Variant, right-click in a DataBlock and select DataBlock->Create Variant.


Click OK to display the Variants. To display this window after it has been closed, right-click in the DataBlock and select DataBlock->Variants.

You can edit the Variant patterns in the window using the mouse or Accept Results (for response Signals only).


To change the default Variant, right-click in the Variant and select Variant->Set as Default.

hmtoggle_plus1Displaying Actual Results
hmtoggle_plus1Viewing a DataBlock with a Variant
hmtoggle_plus1Any-Variant  and Active-Variant Options


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