This Transform  is used to connect to Vector CANboard, CANcard, and VN1600 series devices. It can be configured with either CAN or LIN buses. You can also use it with the VN5610 for CAN only. To use the VN5610 with Ethernet, use the Vector Ethernet Transform.

VectorCANtech-CANTransform        VectorCANtech-LINTransform

1.Use the drop-down list in the Vector Device Selection>Selected Device property to select your device and channel.


The Device Info properties are automatically detected from the selected device.

2.Click 3dots_button in the Configuration property to display the Bus Configuration dialog:


3.Select the appropriate values. The Bus Configuration dialog varies depending on the Bus Type. The example below is for a LIN bus:


4.Click OK.


Keep Alive Messages

The Vector Device Transform has an option to send a “Keep Alive” message while the harness is not executing. To enable the messages, select Keep Alive Settings in the Properties box:


This form allows you to enable/disable the keep alive message, specify the interval at which to send the message, and define the message to send.



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