The NI VeriStand Transform interfaces to a custom device. The Transform enables you to deliver stimulus Signals from MxVDev TestCases onto the Real-Time processor card and capture response data back to MxVDev on the PC.

Danlaw provides a custom device for VeriStand and the MxNet DLL that runs in the VeriStand Real-Time environment.

The VeriStand sample project has the custom device added with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Inputs are connected to outputs for a loop-back test.

A UDP connection is established between the Transform and the MxNet DLL. Test data is streamed over this connection.

hmtoggle_plus1Using the Sample Project
hmtoggle_plus1Importing Channels from a CSV File
hmtoggle_plus1Pass-Through Channels
hmtoggle_plus1Deleting a Custom Device

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