Changing MxSuite Versions

It is possible to have multiple versions of the MxSuite installed at the same time. However, use extra care to avoid accidentally opening projects with the wrong version. It may be helpful to use separate folders for projects created with different versions. If the schema of the XML project files has changed, a warning is generated.

As a general rule, it is best to execute an MxVDev project with the version last used to open it. Before you open a project with another version, back up all the project files.

Upgrading to Newer Version

Often it is desirable to upgrade to a newer version to use new features or corrections. Always create a backup of you project files before upgrading.

Reasons to upgrade:

You are starting a new project.

You've been instructed to upgrade by Danlaw support.

You need a new feature included in the release.

Using an Older Version

MxSuite does not directly support opening or running projects with versions older than the version last used to open them. If it is necessary to revert to an older version, the recommended method is to use the backup copy of the project.

Converting an Auto Harness

Use this procedure to convert Auto Harness projects (created with MxVDev 3.34 or earlier) to a Custom Harness.

1.Install the new version of MxSuite. Set it as the current version.

2.Open your Visual Studio project and re-build so that it links with new version.

3.Open your MxVDev project in the new version.

4.In MxVDev, click the Edit Harness button to launch MxTransIt.

5.Click the Connect/Reconnect verb in VMC transform Properties box.


6.Export the ports.

7.Save the Harness in MxTransIt, reload in MxVDev.

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