Viewing Demonstrations and Presentations

This Help system includes animated presentations and demonstrations that illustrate features of the MxSuite.

To play an animated demonstration, click on the arrow. Move the mouse to display the control bar at the bottom of the demonstration. You can use it to pause, resume, or jump ahead or back.

It may be helpful to view demonstrations in full-screen mode.  To switch, press F11. Press F11 again to return to normal view.

PowerPoint Presentations

The PowerPoint files listed below are located in the Doc folder in the MxSuite installation folder. This method enables you to view presentations in full-screen mode without using this Help system. Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer is required to view presentations this way. PowerPoint Viewer is available as a free download from Microsoft:

Download PowerPoint Viewer


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PowerPoint File



Reusing TestCases


Relative Time Criteria


Simulink S-Function: Wrap or Replace



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