Use the Virtual Bus Transform to connect multiple CAN or LIN networks and ECUs. When a signal is connected to a port, another pair of ports is added automatically.

Messages received on an inport are transmitted on all outports except the port with the same index. This is to prevent retransmitting the same message back to the originating bus. For example, a message received on In0 is transmitted to Out1 and Out2, but not Out0.

Another important feature of the Virtual Bus Transform is that it enables the Virtual Bus Monitor to display the traffic on each connected bus.

Note that, by default, the input (right side) and output (left side) ports are reversed compared to other Transforms.



Click on the Transform to display the Properties Box.

1.Select the Bus Type from the drop-down box.

2.Click the 3dots_button button to select the DBC or LDF files for the buses connected to the Transform. These files are used by the Virtual Bus Monitor.

If an outport from this Transform is exported and used in a TestCase, you can view the fields of the message in the Actual Transition List:




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