Visual Studio and MxSuite

Set Current (Default) Version

When building a solution, Visual Studio uses library files from the MxSuite installation directory. There may be multiple versions of MxSuite installed on your system (for example, if you upgrade to a newer version). Use one of these procedures to ensure that Visual Studio uses the correct installation directory (that is, the correct version):


Use this procedure to view the properties in Visual Studio:

hmtoggle_plus1Viewing Current Settings


Attaching to the Process

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio (MSVS) to debug C/C++ code for a SIL SUT. To use debugging features, such as breakpoints, MSVS must be attached to the MxVDev process. There are two ways to do this:

hmtoggle_plus1Method 1: Start from MxVDev
hmtoggle_plus1Method 2: Start from Visual Studio


hmtoggle_plus1Setting Up Include Directories
hmtoggle_plus1Visual Studio Properties
hmtoggle_plus1Selecting the Version of Visual Studio
hmtoggle_plus1Installing Visual Studio 2015, 2017, or 2019
hmtoggle_plus1Retargeting (Upgrading) a Visual Studio Solution



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