A LIN bus can be simulated in MxVDev using Network Configuration or by Transforms in MxTransIt, but not both.

Every LIN bus requires an LDF, one master node, and one or more schedule tables. The master node and the schedule tables are specified in the LDF.

When the master node transmits a message frame, the appropriate slave node must respond immediately.

The LIN Cache Transform stores the value of the last message of each message ID (in other words, the current data for each message type). This data is updated by a LIN Transmit Driver or other client Transforms (such as an MxVMC). If an LDF and schedule table are specified in its properties, the LIN Cache transmits the messages according to the schedule table.

To view bus traffic on a bus defined in MxTransIt, use the Virtual Bus Monitor and a Virtual Bus Transform.

Sample Projects

See the Multi LIN Cache sample and LIN SIL Sample projects.

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